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ChessSet.jpg Stamped Leather and Wood Game Set

Chess? Checkers? Backgammon anyone? According to the World Crafts Council, pressed or stamped leather is the oldest and most prevalent form of traditional Kazakh crafts.

We have a gorgeous chess/checkers set. The set folds and snaps closed with a separate carrying wrap and handle. The chess and checkers pieces are made of wood, stained or painted with exquisite detail.

Purchased at the bazaar and hand carried from Almaty to Zhailau, 2013, you won't see this level of quality for this price anywhere else.

Price: $100.00
camel.JPG Camel Figurine

Camels play a vital role in Kazakhstan's past, and in rural areas, its present. The story of the Silk Road is laden with international trade and relations made easier because of horses and camels. Camels provide meat, milk, transportation, and movement of supplies, armies, families, and trade over very tough terrain. This camel is on the move and loaded down for the trek. Please note that this is more for decoration and may not hold up as a toy.

Price: $20.00