Kazakh Aul of the United States

Other Past Zhailau Memories


Kazakhs are historically known as fierce warriors, so the older kids practiced archery.

Raising the yurt

Under Daniyar's direction, the aul raised the yurt.


A boy investigated the yurt, under the shadow of the Shanyrak. Daniyar Baidaralin and Mom Pam Gogolin were in the background. Photo courtesy of Dmitry Krieger.


The Aul attended lectures inside the yurt.

shields craft

The older kids made copper shields!

jewelry craft

Others made jewelry

metal craft

Still others made metal wall hangings.

little kid craft

The smallest kids made felt pictures depicting a Kazakh yurt and beautiful night landscape.


Daniyar led the Aul in procession around the yurt...


...and then conducted a traditional nomadic stone ceremony. Photos courtesy of Susannah Snowden of the Westerly Sun.